It includes the need to be able to face the situation head-on.

A corner cafeteria type service around the trailer, the obligatory safety equipment, all the necessary equipment, as well as all the indispensable equipment.

The trailer
The trailer
The utility
The utility
The manager
The manager
The control trolley
The control trolley
The food trolley
The food trolley
Food and Beverages
Food and Beverages

The trailer The trailer

At the heart of the system, it offers a coffee shop equipped to sanitary standards and a private preparation area, our manager. All safety equipment is within easy reach.

Thanks to its electric motorization and its autonomy, it adapts to any place.

The trailer
The trailer

L:2,5m x l: 2,2m x H: 2,1m

  • First aid kit (50 people)
  • Automated fibrillator
  • ABC powder extinguisher 2kg
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Wifi color laser printer
  • Coffee machine (espresso, latte, cappuccino and chocolate...)
  • Hot water fountain
  • Water fountain
  • Refrigerated Food and Beverage Showcase
  • Refrigerator 97L
  • Gas hobs
  • Microwave oven
  • 2 chafing dish
  • Electric soup tureen
  • Premium presentation pack

UtilitaireThe utility

On board is the essential equipment needed to ensure the performance.

A professional ice-cream maker is also integrated for the transport of fresh products in the best conditions.
Its compact dimensions allow easy access to various sites and parking lots. L:5m x l: 1,96m x H: 1,97m

Folding black E-Zup armchairs Folding black E-Zup armchairs Tent E-Zup 3X3 black with nozzles

The furniture

  • 6 Folding black E-Zup armchairs
  • 2 Black folding E-Zup tops armchairs in black
  • 1 Tent E-Zup 3X3 black with nozzles

Electrical equipment

  • 2 Electric turrets 16A (15m et 25m)
  • 4 Black USB Multi-Socket Power Strips


Throughout your event he will take care of the good performance and the moving of the trailer. He is trained in first aid (PSC1), and trained in food hygiene. Depending on the desired configurations, he is accompanied by one or more assistants.

  • PSC1 Trailer delivery and pick-up
  • Setting up the service for the day
  • Distribution of the requested equipment (network equipment and supplies)
  • Loading and recovery at the end of the service

Control trolley The control trolley

Small and handy, it allows you to bring on specific points the essential control equipment: first-aid kit, fire extinguisher and other supplies.

L:57cm x l: 35cm x H: 92 cm

  • 10 signal vests
  • 1 powder extinguisher 2Kg ABC
  • Small tools
  • Gaffer black white, rubalise
  • Hygiene kit (hydro-alcoholic gel, disposable masks)
  • Overshoes
  • Pharmacy kit for small care products

 The food trolley The food trolley

It allows you to bring as close as possible to your event a food base that respects health standards: it is the continuity of the service prepared from the trailer, served by an assistant.

L: 100cm x P: 77,5cm x H: 114cm

  • 2 thermos jugs coffee/tea
  • 1 Water fountain
  • 1 electric refrigerated box for beverages
  • Food displays
  • Consumable supplies
  • Cupholder tray
  • Used cup collector
  • First aid kit

Food and Beverages Food and Beverages

We'll take care of everything !

We can take care of the races, the day before the event. We select fresh quality products, with a preference for those coming from organic farming and short circuits.

You keep the hand!

At the beginning of the service, you hand over your groceries; our assistant will take care of storing them, at cost if necessary, and to offer them throughout the day.

More customization customization

If you would like a more personalised service, please do not hesitate to contact us!